The below are some of my favourite links to websites.  Usual legal blurb applies i.e. I'm not accountable for the content or security of these sites and you visit them at your own risk etc etc but I use them all the time.

Andy Howard Nature Photography

Scotland based nature photographer and guide.  I've attended one of Andy's winter workshops in the Cairngorms and more recently hired him as a personal guide for otter photography.  He is one of the nicest blokes you could meet and completely client focussed making sure you get the best pictures from your time with him and that you stay safe.  He is also hugely knowledgeable, generous with his expertise and will impart critical fieldcraft skills to ensure you maximise the chance of a great photo.  If you're looking to take your nature photography to the next level I can't recommend Andy highly enough.

Berkshire Framing Company

A great framing company in my local area. Run by Belinda Sheppard who is passionate about promoting local artists and photographers.  Some of my A3 and A4 prints and A5 cards are on sale there.  Pop in an browse at Lower Way Farm, Lower Way, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 3TL.  Belinda has an amazing choice of frames and delivers outstanding quality workmanship.

Keela - Outdoor Clothing Experts

Outdoor clothing company based in Scotland.  Clothing has been designed for professional mountaineers, mountain rescue teams and special forces.  So if you're looking for outstanding quality clothing to keep you dry and warm in the most extreme conditions, check out Keela.  Added to the quality, my first order was one of the best customer experiences I've had.

Camera Price Buster

A great resource to check the best deals on a huge range of camera gear.  It's not always 100% up to date but pretty close and is a good check of whether that amazing online deal is really so amazing!  And if it is, maybe it's a dodgy import :-)

Wildlife Watching Supplies

I've sourced my camo gear, lens covers, bean bag and camo hide from here.  UK business and my experience has always been great with them.

Kadinsky Art & Framing

If you like to print and mount your pictures, then this site will have most of what you need at decent prices.  


I'm a Nikon user so hardly surprising that I'd add this to my favourites list!